11 Amazon Gift Ideas for the Home

Gifting presents to anyone in their mid-twenties might seem a little tricky. Should you give a present or just cold, hard cash? As most of my friends and I are just starting out our lives, moving into new apartments or homes, getting engaged or starting new jobs, receiving small appliances–often times things we wouldn’t buy because we don’t think to or can’t afford it–is so appreciated. If you have a friend, child, grandchild, etc. that’s just starting out in the “real” world, these 11 Amazon products would make excellent gifts!

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  1. Vitamix Blender $199: I would DIE if I opened this on Christmas! Vitamix blenders are great quality blenders and last forever. They’re much more expensive than something you could usually grab in Target or Walmart, but they’re certainly worth it.
  2. Wine Chiller $24: This would make a great gift for you wine-loving friends!
  3. Instant Pot $60: I love a crockpot, but I’ve heard such great things about this too. For someone who is new to cooking, I’m always looking for simple recipes, and I know that using the Instant Pot would make cooking a lot less overwhelming. It would also be great for moms, grandmas, etc. who have busy schedules and need a quick fix to making dinner quickly!
  4. Clothes Steamer $20: I know when I moved into my own place for the first time, a steamer (or clothes iron) never crossed my mind on things I needed for my home. This would be a great, practical gift!
  5. Stemless Wine Glasses (6 pack) $12: If you’re gifting a wine chiller, why not add wine glasses and a nice bottle of wine too? I love stemless wine glasses and think a simple set would make a wonderful gift for a new home owner, etc.
  6. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker $80: This isn’t the most high-end version of the Keurig, but it’s practical and gets the job done. It’s also on sale right now, so grab one while you can!
  7. KitchenAid Artisan Mini Series Mixer $189: I’ve wanted one of these for years. For under $200, this would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to bake!
  8. 40 Pack of K-Cups $25: I think this would make a perfect gift for any coffee lover! K-Cups can be so pricey, so I know I would appreciate receiving a whole box of them. For some extra lovin’, give a gift that keeps on giving and sign your family member/best friend up for a year subscription.
  9. iRobot Roomba $249: This is certainly a higher-ticket item, but the Roomba’s are all the rave right now! This is on sale for such a great price too (you’ll save $125!!!).
  10. Amazon Echo Dot $20 (2ndGen): Josh bought this for my birthday a few years ago. I really like how small the Echo Dot is, and this is a great price point to gift a friend as a house warming gift or a “Thank You” for hosting a holiday party!
  11. Simply Calphalon 10pc Cookware Set $110: I received this set as a Christmas gift about two years ago when Josh and I first moved into our own apartment. It is such a great set of cookware, is great quality, and has everything you need for a young adult who is just starting to learn how to cook ha!


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Happy Shopping!