A Gift Guide for Your “Always Cold” Friend

It’s finally gift guide season, and I couldn’t be more excited to share some of my favorite holiday finds with you! I know there will be tons of gift guides floating around social media, so my goal this holiday season is to make my gift guides themed with fun and affordable finds! 

I wanted to start out my gift guides with this cozy theme because I’m that friend who is always so cold! I totally have a love/hate relationship with cold weather, and one of my favorite things during the winter is to cozy up in comfy pajamas, a huge, fluffy blanket, and drink hot chocolate. If you’ve got friends that are always cold or are just as obsessed with being cozy as I am, check out these gift ideas below! All are under $50 and can be found on Amazon, Target, or Aerie. 🙂 

Your Always Cold Friend

  1. Jessica Simpson Faux Fur Slippers | House slippers can be so ugly sometimes, but these adorable and affordable Jessica Simpson ones are the perfect combo of stylish and comfort. There’s nothing worse than having cold feet IMO, so hook your friend up with a pair of these!
  2. Target Woven Knit Scarf | I’ve been eyeing this scarf for weeks! It’s such good quality, comes in multiple patterns, and would be the best accessory to keep you warm this winter. 
  3. Pom Beanie | If you haven’t noticed already, I’m kind of obsessed with beanies, and I especially love beanies with cute little pom poms on them! They’re so trendy and will add a cute touch to any outfit during the colder months. 
  4. Teddy Coat | Teddy coats are so stinkin’ cute, but most of the ones I’ve seen this season are just a little too pricey for me. This Amazon find would be the perfect gift to keep you or your friend warm this winter!
  5. Target Thermal Pajamas | Would it really be a gift guide by me if I didn’t include a pair of Gilligan and O’Malley pajamas? Ha! I’m obsessed. They have the cutest thermal sets at Target and will definitely keep you warm. Get matching sets for your besties or fam, grab some hot coco, and get cozy!
  6. Tasty DIY Hot Coco Kit | Speaking of hot coco… What better way to get warm than by making hot chocolate from scratch? I thought this would be such a great gift for a girlfriend because I always think there’s something so special about giving someone a gift with the intention of spending quality time together to do it. 
  7. Sherpa Blanket |  As someone who is literally always cold, I want all. the. blankets. Not only is this a super affordable sherpa blanket and is huge, it would be the best gift for a friend who just moved into a new  house/apartment/dorm! Blankets can get so pricey and usually aren’t on the top of everyone’s home goods priority list. Give the gift of comfort, y’all!
  8. Sand + Fog Winter Pine Candle | Sand + Fog is one of my favorite candle brands! I usually find them at TJMaxx, but this Amazon option would be perfect for tight budgets as well. The “Winter Pine” scent is to die for and would help create those perfect cozy vibes.
  9. Aerie Waffle Knit Joggers | By far my favorite purchase this month! These joggers are great for sleeping or lounging around the house, but let’s be honest, I’ll be wearing them in public too. They’re the perfect solution for people who want to feel like their in pajamas all day, but actually made the effort to put on “real” clothes. Ya feel?
  10. Good Morning, Beautiful Ceramic Travel Mug | I’d be remiss if I left off a cute travel mug as a cozy gift idea. This Amazon find is adorable, and I really like that it’s a ceramic mug because I’ve found that those are actually much easier to clean than plastic/tumbler cups.

There will be new gift guides up every Wednesday and Friday for the next few weeks! I’m so excited to share more gift ideas with all of you! What do you want to see?! Let me know below!

Happy Shopping! 




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