This morning a dear friend of mine texted me an inspirational quote, as she usually does most mornings,  that really made me stop and reflect. It read: “Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.” Wow. 

If you’ve been following along with my posts over the last year, you’d know that I’ve been living through quite the roller coaster. The past few months have been rough. Realllllly rough. I’ve contemplated dropping out of grad school, moving back home to Florida, and whether or not I’m doing what I’m truly passionate about. I’ve been harder on myself in the last four months than I probably have my entire life. It’s sucked.

But things are finally starting to look up.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my Insta stories the other day chronicling my “traumatic” interview. (If you missed my overly dramatic, way-too-long Insta story, here’s a quick recap: the weather was cold and rainy #badhairdayaf; rushing to get to the highway, I realized I forgot my phone; I made it to the interview location just at the scheduled meeting time only to realize it was the wrong location; and I ended up being 30 minutes late.) Luckily enough, though, I got a second interview with the CEO. It went really well, and the company and position seemed honestly too good to be true. I couldn’t have been more excited about the opportunity to be in a position that allowed me to use both of my degrees and be creative.

Well, yesterday I was offered the job! And while I was fairly confident I would get it, I couldn’t help but let out a “woohoo!” when the offer was presented to me (I’m so lame, ugh). Part of me is so relieved that I don’t have to search for a job any more; I can focus solely on finishing my Master’s and teaching for the rest of the semester. But mostly, I’m just filled to the brim with gratitude. That this job literally fell into my lap without me seeking it out; that I found a company that seems to really value its employees and does whatever they can to help them succeed; that I won’t just be a number at some big corporation; that everything I’ve gone through in the past year wasn’t in vain; that my God is so, so faithful.

Over the next few weeks, I will begin working part-time until I graduate in May.  I will also be studying for my comprehensive oral exam, teaching two classes, and taking two of my own classes. I am so excited for the future I could cry (which could be because I’m partially overwhelmed already), but I know that God’s plan for my life is beyond anything I could ever imagine for myself, and for that, I know I can handle anything that is thrown my way.

Lastly, I really want to thank all of my family and friends who have given me words of wisdom and encouragement throughout the hiring process, throughout school, and throughout life. Without each of you, I am certain I would not be where I am today. And if you could remember from time to time, I would so appreciate it if you would keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I begin my career in Marketing!!!

XO —